When considering ways to give donations to your alma mater, these options will make a huge impact on the student. When you give through these ways to donate, you help Ricks Institute Alumni Association (RIAA) reach student in dire strait. RIAA consistently receives high ratings for integrity and financial accountability. When you consider ways to donate and choose RIAA, you can be assured that your donation will be used for the purpose you requested.

Decide how much you plan to spend or donate for the convention and then select the items you want included in your package.  Feel free to use this pricing list to guide your decision.

This is the flagship project of our administration.  The Adopt-a-Student Program will provide financial assistance to students who would otherwise not have the opportunity to attend Ricks. This program focuses on a need-based approach to assist students by providing tuition, room, and board for students who are not currently enrolled at Ricks. We have already identified some students who fall in this category.  Individuals or families who would like to participate in the Adopt-a-Student Program can find information under the “Sponsor a Child” tab on this site.

The Ricks Institute Clinic Renovation Project is Our 2020 – 2022 flagship project – The Clinic Renovation Project is designed to refurbish the existing clinic at Ricks into a state-of-the-art clinic that meets modern standards.  This project will provide sustainable health services to the more than 500 students of Ricks and to communities in its environs.

Another way to support students at Ricks is through a memorial scholarship or regular scholarship. Under this program, you can establish a scholarship in honor or memory of a loved one– maybe a family member, a teacher, or a friend.  These scholarships allow you the flexibility to develop your own qualification guidelines – you tell us what you want, we establish the scholarship at your request. Our Scholarship Team stands ready to assist you in establishing a scholarship of your choice! 

Ricks Institute Alumni Association (RIAA) holds a long-standing tradition of helping students accomplish their academic goals and become successful citizens. Some students rely on our financial help to be able to go to school. 100% of the money that you donate goes directly to the student to pay for school fees, books, housing, meal plans, and other school supplies that are too burdensome for their families to shoulder.

Another way to make a difference for the Ricks Institute community, focusing your giving on what you are most passionate about. All donations are tax-deductible.

Shopping for gifts from the RIAA Gift Catalog can change the lives of students at Ricks Institute.

Ricks Institute STEM Initiative (RISI) … Our top-tier educational model

Established to supplement and consolidate the current Mathematics and Science curricula with Technology and Engineering instruction at Ricks Institute.  The goal of RISI is to fully develop each student’s understanding and knowledge in STEM education through hands-on, real life, environmental and relevant exposure that would stimulate, motivate, and cultivate creativity toward problem solving opportunities in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

The RIAA Scholarship Process and scholarship programs provide a systematic and defined pathway for alumni members, families and friends of Ricks Institute to confidently donate funds designated specifically for scholarships to benefit Ricks students.  This process ensures accountability and alleviates you from having to spend time and effort on redundant steps.   It allows for donors to use a streamlined, reliable, professionally managed and established means to more directly assist with educating children at Ricks.

RIAA, USA, Inc recently established a long-term investment account that will lead to the establishment of The Endowment Fund. The Endowment Fund is established to ensure RIAA,USA, Inc can continue to support Ricks Institute in significant ways long into the future.

Leave a legacy of hope by incorporating charitable gifts into your overall financial and estate plans. Donate a car. Plan a gift through your financial or estate plan. Donate a new, unused or partially used gift card.

Matching gifts are corporate philanthropy programs that reward employees’ charitable donations. Basically, when an employee makes a donation to an eligible nonprofit, the employer will also donate to that organization. Donate to RIAA programs through your employer’s matching gifts, volunteer grants or corporate giving programs. Reach out to your employer’s Human Resources for details.

When you shop at AmazonSmile, RIAA gets a donation from Amazon! Amazon has now donated more than $100 million since 2013 to charities chosen by customers through its AmazonSmile program. Amazon announced the donation milestone recently and said on some items, like its in-house Alexa-powered devices, it will donate 5 percent of the price — 10 times the usual rate of 0.5 percent — through the end of the week. The program lets customers choose from more than 1 million charities by starting their shopping at smile.amazon.com.

Our exchange program that will recruit RIAA professionals, retirees, and friends of Ricks in all fields to volunteer at Ricks to improve the academic and agriculture programs. These volunteer events will be for three to six months at a time. Once established, the STEM Program will also benefit from the exchange program.  

The Dragon Outreach Program is designed to ensure that all members of RIAA feel a relevant part of our community. Through our Dragon Outreach Program, we connect with the alumni classes, the sick and shut-in, elderly, and all members of the Association.