Our 2020 – 2022 flagship project … The Clinic Renovation Project is designed to refurbish the existing clinic at Ricks into a state-of-the-art clinic that meets modern standards.  This project will provide sustainable health services to the more than 500 students of Ricks and to communities in its environs.


  • The Ricks Institute Clinic building is a 4,000 square foot 1950 and 60 American style architecture with brick veneer similar to that of the campus Administrative / Classroom building. This is the standard and unique campus building architectural style.
  • The building is owned and maintained by the Ricks Institute but jointly operated with staffing and some supplies from Liberia’s Ministry of Health.
  • The building consist of two connected but separate functioning sections:
    • The Clinic, which is approximately 60% to 70% in use, due to the war and neglect, serves more patients now than ever before. It also serves the surrounding communities which has grown tenfold.
    • The campus nurse two – bedroom appointment, which is being used by campus faculty, is also in need of serious repairs.
  • A complete renovation is required to resolve the following issues:
    • Building improvements
    • Modern clinic functioning
    • Space increment / usage
    • Student privacy / security
    • Staffing improvements
  • Work needed Summary
    • Construction documents
    • Spacial redesign
    • Walls, ceiling, roofing, windows and doors, some rooms and bathrooms, plumbing and electrical removal and replacement.
    • Termites elimination


New Proposed Solutions for the Clinic
New Proposed Solutions for the Clinic
  • New and improved separate designated entryways with covered ramps.
  • Separate student entry and facility for security and privacy.
  • New public interior and exterior waiting areas to cope with current and future community demands.
  • Elimination of the nurse apartment to meet spacial and functioning requirements including several exam rooms laboratory, pharmacy, business office and  staff break room.