It’s a Tradition

And, we know you’ll make the most of your alumni experience when you live it up with RIAA member perks. Alumni activities, communications, and services are not a line item in the School budget; RIAA member dues fund these items. Every single member makes a difference.

Top Five Reason to Join

When you’re a RIAA member, you’ll enjoy perks and plenty of fun.

When you’re an RIAA member, you’ll enjoy perks and plenty of fun. But, it’s more than just a membership. Five things you may not know:

  1. We’re a self-supporting, nonprofit organization serving alumni, students, parents, and friends. Member dues directly support alumni events – like Homecoming and reunions.
  2. RIAA Website is a trusted resource when you’re looking for objective reporting on issues affecting the school. Membership includes digital subscriptions.
  3. Whether you want to make a career change or need career advice, Alumni Career Services is here to help you with career coaching, webinars, and the Dragons Advising Network.
  4. We help bring the best to Ricks Institute through scholarships. Each year, Local Chapters and Class Challenge Competitions raise money from local activities to support scholarships for Ricks Institute students.
  5. Our Dragons Network ensures funding Building and Renovation Projects to sustain state-of-the-art facilities. These priorities keep Ricks Institute top-ranked in private higher education, enhancing the value of her diploma.


As an RIAA member, your annual dues support our alma mater and preserve its great traditions. A portion of the annual membership dues goes into a permanent endowment. The member dues you pay today will serve and strengthen your RIAA and future generations of Dragons. Leave a lasting Ricks Institute legacy by becoming a due-paying member today.”

Membership in the General Alumni Association is open to all graduates, former students, family and friends.