Financial Aid Donations

Facts & Figures (information from Ricks Institute)

Semester Expenses (Note: there are 2 semesters per academic school year)

Fees: Registration – $75.00, Activity – $75.00, Medical – $30.00, Boarding – $850.00

Tuition (per semester): K4 – 3rd ($160.00), 4th – 6th ($190.00), 7th – 8th ($285.00), 9th ($295.00), 10th – 11th ($300.00), 12th ($440.00)




Ricks Institute Alumni Association (RIAA) holds a long-standing tradition of helping students accomplish their academic goals and become successful citizens. Some students rely on our financial help to be able to go to school. 100% of the money that you donate goes directly to the student to pay for school fees, books, housing, meal plans, and other school supplies that are too burdensome for their families to shoulder.

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