Who We Are:

RIAA-USA members are dedicated graduates of Ricks Institute, friends of Ricks, and like-minded individuals.  We engage in value-added activities that assist student development at Ricks, provide support to Ricks administration, and benefit to external communities.

As good stewards; managing limited resources, we are highly strategic in what we do.  We execute tasks that maximize our resources, magnify our individual efforts, and enable us to live Ricks’ motto, “Not For Self, But For Others”.

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What We Do:

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Capital Improvement Projects (click here): 

  • We directly execute Capital Improvement Projects at Ricks: 
    • The Virtual Education & Electrical Generator Project
    • Administrative Building Renovation Project
    • Bathroom Renovation Project

Develop Human Capacity (click here):

Raise Funds (click here):

  • Our financial sources of revenue are:
    • Our signature Chairman’s Banquet and Dinner (held during our annual convention).
    • Members fees
    • Class contribution and
    • Donations (cash, goods, and services)

Members support (being our brother’s and sister’s keepers):

  • Membership Support / Alumni Engagement / Administrative Activities:
    • Membership Outreach / Religious Support
    • Chapter Meetings
    • Social media
    • Conference & Convention
    • Collaborative work with Ricks Administration
    • Project Workdays
    • Meetings (Social Media, Chatrooms)

How You Can Help:

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  • Become involved in our association.  Click here on how to join RIAA-USA
  • Become active: Join a Committee / Project Team
  • Participate in your Local Chapter Events / Meetings
  • Make a donation
  • Contribute funds to a project
  • Establish a scholarship
  • Mentor a student at Ricks

Scholarship Programs

The RIAA Scholarship Process and scholarship programs provide a systematic and defined pathway for alumni members, families and friends of Ricks Institute to confidently donate funds designated specifically for scholarships to benefit Ricks students.  This process ensures accountability and alleviates you from having to spend time and effort on redundant steps.   It allows for donors to use a streamlined, reliable, professionally managed and established means to more directly assist with educating children at Ricks.

Scholarship Recipients:

  • 2018 Recipients
  • Ms. Massa Fazzi – Science
  • Mr. George Maxwell – Mathematics
  • 2019 Recipients
  • Ms. Maxita V. George – Science
  • Mr. Askialine L. Biago – Mathematics

Scholarship Recipients Appreciation video:

If you or your family are interested in setting up a scholarship program at Ricks Institute.    Please click on this link to scholarship initiation form.

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