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Mrs. Irene J. Boima Walker Humanitarian Scholarship.

The Irene J. Boima Walker Humanitarian Scholarship is established by Ricks Alumnus Ms. Brenetta Neal (Class of 1983) and her sisters Olga Williams, Aurelia Ruth Walker, in honor of their mother, Mrs. Irene J. Boima Walker.  Mrs. Walker was a fervent believer in the life changing capacity of education.  She embodied the spirit of giving and financed the education of many children, including those not biologically her own.  She believed that “every child has the right to an education”.

It is in recognition of her legacy, her belief in the importance of vigorous education during the formative years, that this educational opportunity is being offered to two students to attend Ricks Institute. 

This scholarship is a need-based award offered to two eligible Junior High School students. It is awarded to day students (one boy and one girl), beginning in 7th or 8th grade and renews annually through 9th grade. This scholarship is specifically aimed at students who are truly dedicated to learning, studious, and exhibit strong financial need in order to further their education.  This scholarship is purposefully not intended for students at the top of their class. 

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Scholarship Type:​ Financial, Needs-Based. Full tuition.

Scholarship Sponsor / Funding Source: Ms. Brenetta Neal (Ricks Alumna – Class of 1983)

Eligibility Criteria: ​ This scholarship is provided to two ​(2) junior high school day students (one girl and one boy)​.

Each recipient must:

  1. Be passionate about furthering their education.
  2. Must show academic promise (maintain passing grades: :B and above).
  3. Show qualities of a good role model.

Term/Duration (yearly): Three years, covering junior high school (7, 8, and 9), and ends at the conclusion of the recipient’s 9th grade year.

Cost: (Tuition): $600 per student

Starts in 7th grade:  ​600 x 2 = $1200 

Dr. Rocheforte Lafayette Weeks and Mrs. Julia Brooks Thomson Scholarship Fund.

Rhoda Weeks Brown

On behalf of Mrs. Rhoda Weeks Brown (Ricks Alumna – Class of 1983), the Dr. Rocheforte Lafayette Weeks and Mrs. Julia Brooks Thomson Scholarship Fund is established to provide full tuition to four qualifying high school day students (two girls and two boys) to attend Ricks Institute.   

Mrs. Rhoda Weeks Brown is pleased to provide these scholarships in honor of the legacies of her father Dr. Rocheforte Lafayette Weeks and her grand-mother Mrs. Julia Brooks Thomson.   It is in tribute to the enduring legacies of Dr. Rocheforte L. Weeks and Mrs. Julia Brooks Thomson; their contributions to citizenship, excellence and service; and their belief in the transformative power of education.

Dr. Rocheforte L. Weeks was a distinguished lawyer, educator, administrator and statesman. He served Liberia with distinction in prominent roles throughout his career, including as Secretary of State (later Minister of Foreign Affairs), President of the University of Liberia, Assistant Attorney General of Liberia, Secretary of the Liberian Delegation to the United Nations General Assembly, Senior Maritime Representative of the Republic of Liberia to the United States, and Special Consultant for Liberia to UNESCO.  

Mrs. Julia Brooks Thomson was a humanitarian, devoted mother and affectionate, generous and warm hearted grandmother who served her community with dedication and kindness. She saw the critical value of education, hard work and excellence and instilled those values in her children and grandchildren.  She also believed in the importance of “paying it forward” and provided tuition assistance to enable several disadvantaged children to attend school. 

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Scholarship Type: Financial, Needs-Based.  Full tuition + stipend

Scholarship Sponsor / Funding Source: Ms. Rhoda Weeks-Brown (Ricks Alumna – class of 1983)

Eligibility Criteria:  This scholarship is provided to four (4) high school day students (two girls and two boys).  

 Each recipient must:

1)     live in close proximity to Ricks Institute;

2)     be an “A” student, and have demonstrated a strong record of academic excellence over the three years preceding the scholarship award; and

3)    have demonstrated strong moral character (honesty and ethical commitment as well as dedication and perseverance).

Term/Duration: Three years, covering all three senior high school grades (10, 11, and 12) with annual renewals conditioned on the recipient continuing to meet the eligibility criteria specified above.  Following successful graduation of the first set of recipients, new recipients would be identified to receive the scholarship for another three years of senior high school (10, 11, 12 grades).

Cost (Tuition + Stipend):

10th grade = ($295 x 4) + (20 x 4 x 12) = $2140.

11th grade = $2160

 12th grade = $3220   

Covers: Yearly tuition + a monthly stipend of US$20.00 (Twenty United States Dollars).

Reverend Alfred T. Max Davis II Memorial Scholarship for Academic Excellence (Initiated 2018)

Reverend Alfred T. Max Davis II was a member of Ricks Institute’s Panthers class of 1974 and an avid supporter of RIAA.Following his death on September 9, 2017, the Davis family established this scholarship in his honor to commemorate his life and legacy.

While at Ricks, T-Max was well-rounded, multi-talented student – participating in student government, the Ricks Institute choir, the Boys Glee Club, Basketball, Volleyball, and other teams.
He graduated with honors from Ricks and went on to obtain undergraduate college degrees in Mathematics, Biology, and graduate degree in Education Counseling.

The T. Max Davis Scholarship for Academic Excellence honors the legacy of Rev. Davis and all that he stood for (including his love of education, citizenship, community, and Ricks Institute) through this annual contribution. The Scholarship is granted to two students with the highest grades in Science and Math.

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  Scholarship Type:  Merit Based (Academic)

  Endowment: $1000 USD ($500 USD each student)

  1) $500 – Mathematics
  2) $500 – Sciences (Biology, Chemistry or Physics)
  Scholarship Eligibility:   Awarded to one rising Junior and one rising Senior.

  Grades: Not Less Than 90% or GPA of 3.7

   Also taken into consideration are:

(a) the student’s overall contribution as a member of the Ricks Community,

(b) recommendation by Ricks Administration and

(c) the student’s application essay (the essay will be included in the scholarship application form).

Moses Ricks Humanitarian Award  (Initiated 2019 – 2020 Academic Year)

The Ricks Institute Alumni Association, USA INC is pleased to establish the Moses Ricks Humanitarian Award in honor of Mr. Moses Ricks.

For his time, Mr. Moses Ricks, a farmer from Clay Ashland, Liberia, made the exemplary contribution of $500 that enabled the founding of Zodokai Mission, which became Ricks Institute. Mr. Ricks generous contribution helped purchase 1000+ acres of land in Virginia, where Ricks Institute resides.

Needless to say, since its founding in 1887, Mr. Ricks’ contribution has significantly impacted the lives of many. His gift touches the lives of not just students who attend Ricks or residents of Virginia, Liberia but continues to exponentially benefit generations. Indeed, Liberia and the World have benefited and continue to reap the rewards from the educational, spiritual and humanitarian donation made by Mr. Moses Ricks.

It is in honor of the legacy, spirit, impact and in keeping with Ricks Institute Motto “Not For Self But For Others”, the Ricks Alumni Association is providing full annual tuition scholarship to one student to attend Ricks Institute.

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Scholarship Type: Financial, Needs-Based. Full + Stipend

Scholarship Sponsor / Funding Source: Ricks Institute Alumni Association (National Body).

Eligibility Criteria:  A student who would otherwise not be likely to attend or would struggle to attend Ricks Institute.

A child whose parents lack formal education is/are unemployed or menially employed (make a living from tasks that do not require skills and lack stature).

Must exhibit an aptitude for academic success

Passes Ricks Institute Entrance Exam

Awarded to a student (elementary – 12th grade),

Automatically renews.

Term/Duration: Annual, though graduation from Ricks Institute.

Cost: Variable (Range from ~$2400 to ~$3210, cost of elementary tuition, room & board to high school tuition, room and board).

Covers: Yearly tuition, room & board and all associated fees (books, uniform and a monthly stipend of US$20.00 (Twenty United States Dollars).

Johnetta R. Minor Service Award (Initiated 2019 – 2020 Academic Year)

Johnetta R. Minor (Financial Needs-Based) Scholarship (JRM Award) is to benefit a needy student.

This service award is in honor of Ms. Minor service and contribution to Ricks Institute. She was the 1st first female graduate (class of 1963) of Ricks Institute. After college, she returned to Ricks and served as its first female principal. She was also the first president of the Ricks Institute Jr. College. Ms. Minor diligently served Ricks for 12 unbroken years (from 1978 until the Liberian civil conflict in 1990). Her service to Ricks was terminated only by the civil unrest in Liberia, when her life was severely threatened.

In establishing the criteria for the scholarship, Miss Minor recalled how during the heat of the civil conflict, the residents of Sirleaf Town recognized her as the principal of Ricks Institute and provided for her safety and well-being. The residents also reminded her of the kindness shown to them through the awarding of scholarships to young people over the years. They expressed their gratefulness to Ricks Institute and stated their kids that attended Ricks would have never been able to afford the quality of education received at Ricks. Ms. Minor recalled that their kind gesture may have very well saved her life.

This award is in recognition of Ms. Minor’s invaluable and immeasurable contributions to Ricks and her firm belief in the acts of kindness rendered to others in less fortunate situations will continue to resonate.

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Scholarship Type: Financial, Needs-Based

Scholarship Sponsor / Funding: Ricks Institute Alumni Association (National Body + Individual Alumnus / Former to Outreach Students).

Eligibility Criteria: Senior High School student (Grades 10– 12), preferably a Commuting / Day Student.

Hails from Sirleaf Town or one of the neighboring villages within a 10-mile radius of the campus.

Candidate must pass the Ricks Institute entrance exam.

Although this scholarship is not merit-based, the student is expected to make a successful pass to the next grade at the end of each academic year to continue to remain eligible.

Term/Duration: 3 years.

Cost: ~$3000 annually, $9000 over the duration of the award

Covers: Yearly tuition, room & board and all associated fees (books, uniform and a monthly stipend of US$20.00 (Twenty United States Dollars).

Funding Option 2:

Cost: Year 1 = $980 (cost for one 10th grade student).

Year 2 = $1960 (Incoming 10th grader and the incoming 11th grader (previous 10th grade recipient).

Year 3 and onward: $3470 (Incoming 10th grader, the incoming 11th grader (previous 10th grade recipient), and incoming 12th grader (previous 11th grade recipient).

 Funding Option 3:

Recipient: Granted to three incoming 10th grade student every 3 years. E.g. Year 1 – 3: 3 recipients will be awarded scholarships for 3 years (10th, 11th and 12th grades) until completion/graduation.

RIAA-USA Scholarship Program

Scholarship Programs

The RIAA Scholarship Process and scholarship programs provide a systematic and defined pathway for alumni members, families and friends of Ricks Institute to confidently donate funds designated specifically for scholarships to benefit Ricks students.  This process ensures accountability and alleviates you from having to spend time and effort on redundant steps.   It allows for donors to use a streamlined, reliable, professionally managed and established means to more directly assist with educating children at Ricks.

Scholarship Recipients:

  • 2018 Recipients
  • Ms. Massa Fazzi – Science
  • Mr. George Maxwell – Mathematics
  • 2019 Recipients
  • Ms. Maxita V. George – Science
  • Mr. Askialine L. Biago – Mathematics

Scholarship Recipients Appreciation video:

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