RIAA’s Contributions to Ricks Institute over the Years

Contributing to the education of Liberia’s future leaders, one project at a time.

1989Donated $11,000 Cash for school operations ($6,000 of which was raised by Mr. Oody’s church)
1990Cash contribution for operating the school and paying teacher salaries
1991Cash contribution for operating the school and paying teacher salaries
1992Cash contribution for teacher salaries
1993Cash contribution for operating the school
1994Renovation of the dining hall
1995Shipment of 20 barrels of educational and medical supplies
1996Donation of two microscopes for the science laboratory
1997Provision of parts to rebuild the tractor (essential to the campus agriculture program)
1998Donation of a 1991 Chevy S-l 0 pickup truck
1999I 0 by 2008,” a strategic plan to elevate Ricks Institute to educational excellence in a ten-year period
2000Completion of the payment towards an electric generator for the campus
2001Donated $12,000 for Principal Residence Renovation
2002Donated $12,000 for William V. S. Tubman Administration Building Renovation
2003Shipment of school and office supplies, including two computers and science textbooks, and two
monetary grants which were awarded to the graduating seniors with the highest achievement in math
and science.
2006Sport jerseys and other sport accessories donated as a project from the New England Chapter: Cost $3,500.00
2007Scholarship project: Sponsorship of 10 elementary Students’ tuition at Ricks by the Ebenezer Baptist Church School Ministry “God Can Funds” through the initiative of the then President of the New England Chapter and Superintendent of Ebenezer Church school Ministry, Providence, RI (Deacon Emmanuel Paulus): Total Cost: $5,000.00
2008Donated $15,000.00 for teachers’ salaries
2009Donated 12,000.00 for Cheeseman Hall(High school boys dorm) renovation and $7,000.00 for beds.
2010Donated $7,000.00 for dining hall furniture
2011Donated $ I 5,000.00 for teachers’ salaries and $6,000.00 for sporting supplies (jerseys, balls, shoes, etc.); Book bags and other school supplies, project funded by Ebenezer Baptist Church School Ministry in Providence, RI through the initiative of the then President of the New England Chapter (Deacon Emmanuel Paulus): Supply of 240 book bags and school supplies (at $40 each plus shipping cost) for the elementary division: Cost $9,800.00
2012Donated $20,000.00 for faculty and staff salaries
2013Renovation of Charlotte Tolbert Hall
2014-2016Launching of Virtual Education Program (VEP) including the latest in learning technology, donation of 50
laptops and desktops, purchased and installation of a 100 KVA generator to electrify the campus
(Total cost= $21,985.00); the cost of this project is unknown but will be more when it is fully
2017Phase I of “Project Renovate Ricks”: Repairing and painting of administrative building(cost: $15,000)

Refurbishing of Ricks science lab and purchased of microscopes and other science lab accessories by the
Etoile Filante class of 1976; class went to Liberia and launched phase 1 of the project for$7,505; total
project will cost about $21,000

2018“Project Renovate Ricks”: phase I(repairs and painting of the school building);actual cost $15,000;
Phase 2 of Project Renovate Ricks begins: replacing all windows on administrative building: cost $35,000
Please donate on the website. Phase 3: New school gates to be undertaken by members of Etoile Filante
class of ’76 soon.

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